Exercise is an important part of your journey to health with an autoimmune condition. Not only is it great for your body physically (stronger joints, increased energy, and endorphins are awesome) but mentally as well – strength training will help you to reconnect to your body and build your trust in it back over time.

Online Training

What you can expect

Initial Consultation

An hour consultation where we will discuss your current fitness and exercise habits, your goals and how we will work towards getting you there.

Custom Programming

3-5 days/week of individualized strength-based programmed workouts

Progress Tracking

I'll track your progress and adjust your program accordingly to keep us moving forwards.

Bi-Monthly Program Updates

Every 2 weeks you'll get a new program. Consistency is key when we are chasing results, but we also want to keep things interesting!

Weekly Check-ins

These will work as a check-in and accountability session to ensure that you're able to stay on top of your training in a way that serves you and your body.

Goal Assessments

I want to make sure you are working towards your goals - but also that your goal stays achievable and realistic for you. Plans and goals change, and that's OK! we'll keep working together to keep the momentum going.

Video Tutorials and Analysis

Aren't quite sure what the movement is supposed to look like? Each movement comes with an instruction video, and you'll get personal feedback from me on any uploaded videos of your form and technique.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging through the online app allows us to stay in contact so that I can let you know of any changes to your program and you can keep me updated on how your body is feeling and how your training is going.

Some More Details

Going digital

Using an online app, you get all your workouts delivered to your phone so that you can do them anywhere, anytime. The program is customized to meet you where you’re at and over time, and I’ll modify and progress your training intensity, frequency, and difficulty to keep your momentum going.

The focus is on being functional

All of my programs are designed to help improve your proficiency in basic functional movements, from sitting down and climbing stairs without pain to being able to deadlift and do a pull-up. Basic movements such as the hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull, and carry are the foundations of my program.

Keeping your body strong

Strength training will not only help you protect your joints and help you manage your symptoms, it can help you achieve any other goal – whether you’re increasing performance, gaining strength, or changing your body composition.

Get Started

If you’re ready grow your strength and your confidence in your body, and working with a remote personal trainer is for you but still have some questions, contact me or pop me a mail at ashleighwebbhealthcoach@gmail.com and we’ll take it from there.

If you know that you’re dead keen, you can apply for coaching here: