I teach women living with autoimmune conditions to feel empowered and reconnected to their bodies through nutrition, movement and mindset.

Your health isn’t one dimensional, and neither is your healing. And it shouldn’t be some stock-standard prescription either – your health journey is uniquely yours, and I work with you to help you identify what health means to you, and how to implement changes into your life to help you feel your strongest, fittest and health.

What is Moving through Autoimmune?

It is an 8 week online course for women with autoimmune conditions who want to take back control of their health and feel empowered to make healthy decisions for their body – but in a way that fits into their life.

Healing when you have an autoimmune disease means working towards health in all areas of your life – from your nutrition, to movement and sleep and managing your stress.

Not just another course…

I want to see you strong, fit and empowered. You don’t just get knowledge – you get all the support you need to implement meaningful changes in your life.

Take action

Each week you'll get workbooks to go through so that you can implement all that you're learning - because when we combine knowledge with action, we become empowered AF.

Got questions?

Awesome, 'cos I got answers. You'll get some email access to me during office hours for guidance, answers or even just support - because living with an autoimmune condition can be hard, but you don't have to feel alone.

Team effort

You’ll have access to a support group of like-minded womxn who are also living with an autoimmune condition. I believe that being surrounded by a group of people who understand you, and are there to encourage and support you, is beyond powerful.